Julian B Lane Riverfront Park

  1. Address

    896 W Laurel St
    Tampa, FL 33607

    Sub Locations

    1. Field #1
    2. Field #2
    3. Field #3

    Julian B Lane Riverfront Park

    This is the current field layout at Julian B Lane Park. The Light green shaded area is the infield of each field on the multi purpose fields, The small red lines shows the home plate location of each field. Fields are Numbered as shown. The GATES are the red lines on the field to the EAST next to the parking. ALL the YELLOW/Grey areas are OPEN USE PARKING. You can park in any of these

    and along N Blvd as well. The RED LINES are all the streets you can use to get to the fields. The address here: 896 W laurel St, Tampa FL brings you to the NORTHSIDE of the Big parking lot next to I275. 

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